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#106: No More Excuses with Bear Taylor – Changing Your Health One Habit At a Time

By January 22, 2020No Comments1 min read

In today’s podcast Dr. Hillary sits down with Montana neighbor Bear Taylor from the Backcountry Rookies Podcast. He shares his story about regaining his health and what steps he has taken to lose weight, stop smoking, and change his mindset. This is a wonderful testament to hard work and dedication, but it’s also human. We all face challenges in our life and it’s how we decide to use those challenges as stepping stones to something better that predicts success or failure. Bear drives a snow plow, sits on his city counsel, is a volunteer fire fighter, podcast contributor, hunter, and founder of EMBR- Elevating Montana’s Backcountry Rookies- an organization that aims to get guys and gals healthy and into the mountains through hunting, hiking, and mentorship.

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