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StHealthy Hunter

Our Story

Hi, we are Ryan and Dr. Hillary Lampers. This year will be our 25th year of marriage, and what a year it’s turning out to be! One consistent theme has always been our love for the outdoors, nature, and sacred wild places, far away from the stress of urbanization. Since we started working on Sthealthy Hunter/Hunt Harvest Health, we realized our life has been an epic amount of work. What we love requires hundreds of days in the hills, strenuous yet rewarding training, hours and hours weeding, digging, and planting.

We have spent much time apart, years in higher education, sleepless nights, endless hours on the computer, two children, hundreds of recipes, years of trial and error, decades of wins and losses, but most of all we have learned- marriage is about love, dedication, and compromise.

StHealthy Hunter

When you learn to accept each other fully, help each other grow, thrive, and be healthy, life just gets better.

And the best part is, when you learn to accept each other fully, help each other grow, thrive, and be healthy, life just gets better.  We may be older, but we are forever wiser, happier, and healthier when we serve others. We look forward to sharing our life and the lives of other amazing folks who want to return to a simpler way of life, and who want to keep the old ways alive.


The StHealthy Hunter


I’m one of those guys that thinks about the hunt all year, and when the season hits I’m in the backcountry as much as possible. I crave to be alone, surrounded by the quiet of the mountains and the animals that live there. I spend my off season practicing the art and skill of bowhunting, and when fall comes, I’m ready. I prefer to hunt solo, on public land, and in places most don’t or won’t put the effort to get to.

In my opinion the secret to success is listening to that inner voice that whispers “Don’t give up, push harder, and make it happen”, which over the last 30 years blessed me with amazing experiences and the privilege to be around some of the most epic animals in the West.

I believe that health is wealth, and there is nothing healthier than knowing exactly how and where the meat I feed my family comes from. When I’m not in the backcountry harvesting meat and creating memories to share with my future grandchildren, you’ll find me in my garden, cooking, or shooting my bow with my oldest daughter.

The StHealthy Hunter


My name is Dr. Hillary Lampers and I am a Naturopathic doctor who has spent the last 30 years dedicating myself to the natural health sciences and the study of the human body. My story reaches far back, to when I suffered with illness as a teenager, and how the power of clean living, healthy food, and structural integrity returned me to health.

I grew up in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, and after migrating to Washington, met Ryan during a summer job in Alaska. I should have known better than to fall for a man who craves the life of an outdoorsman. I don’t hunt, it’s not in me, but I know first hand the great benefit, and great struggle of living with and loving a man who dreams of being in the backcountry.

I’ve spent the last 15 years focusing on my medical practice and my two beautiful daughters (umm yes, parenting is the hardest, and most rewarding, job ever!). And for 25 years, I’ve eaten nothing but the healthiest meat on the planet. You can find more about what I do at elevatehealthmt.com.


My passion for the outdoors has run strong in me for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a family that had a strong connection to hunting and nature, so I was exposed to these things from a very young age and couldn’t help but to fall in love with them.

Nothing feeds my soul quite like the pursuit of an animal or immersing myself in the beauty of the mountains or hardwoods. I have been blessed to harvest a number of animals over the years, and most importantly, I have been taught some of life’s most important lessons through hunting. 

Some of my favorite things are hunting, fly fishing, hiking, shooting my bow, gardening, and cooking food that was brought from field to table.


My hunting roots were grown in eastern whitetail country. Privileged with the responsibility of managing a multi-generational family farm for deer hunting, I learned the value of land stewardship through habitat management. Being close to the land and cherishing the experiences that came from hunting eventually led me to a new frontier: western backcountry hunting.

My first backcountry hunt was with borrowed gear, an over-the-counter tag, and a friend just as eager as I to venture off into uncharted territory. This passion has evolved and led me across the west exploring new country in search of wildlife. Our farming and homesteading background fostered a connection with our food that can’t be replaced by a grocery store. Procuring wild game meat, growing vegetables, raising farm-fresh chicken eggs, and harvesting homegrown fruit provides a richness to our lives that cannot be quantified.

Combining my passion with a career, I now am a full-time land specialist for Whitetail Properties Real Estate, specializing in farms, ranches, timber, and agricultural land sales. My home base is the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana, and I’m proud to sell some of the most beautiful and epic land tracts this continent has to offer.