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Vortex Nation Podcast: Ep #263 – Mule Deer Madness

Remi Warren! Ryan Lampers! Early Season Archery Mule Deer! Pretty sure that’s all the description you need to click on this and get to learning. Mark connects with this dream team of Mule Deer hunting and Mule Deer knowledge to pick their brains clean of their lifetime of knowledge on this super cool topic! Mature Mule deer bucks don’t like to make mistakes – but these two gentlemen are masters at exploiting any edge they can get. Where do these deer live? What are they doing? Where are they going once they strip their velvet? All questions that get answered. We cover giving yourself enough time, being patient, wind considerations, stalking tactics, gear details, making your move at the right time, anticipating their next move to make the right move, when to back out, picking your hunt area based on terrain, targeting areas with low deer density, targeting areas with high deer density, finding water what to do if you blow a stalk and more!