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If you are reading this, you made the decision to give us your email and keep up with us in a more in depth way.  It means a lot to us that you care enough about yourself, to care about what we are doing.  Truthfully we live a pretty simple, busy, exhausting, blessed, and magical life.  We have two healthy children, a small piece of land, and two able bodies that we want to keep vital and free as long as possible.

 Since starting the podcast it’s been  a huge transition to share so much about our daily lives, we are normally very private people.  So we are using this space as a journal, a place we keep track of what we’ve been doing over the years, but starting with this year, late Spring 2017.   It won’t be over the top and it may get downright boring, but that’s the way life really is.  No bells, no whistles, just two folks trying to make the world a better place one day at a time. 

Anyways- Thanks for being here.  We hope you can gleam a smile and useful token from some of it. 

Ryan and Hillary

Some of our first gardening pics

Some of our first gardening pics