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Wanting to get your gourmet on in the woods??? Well Chef D is here to show you how to make some delicious Venison Osso Buco over an open fire in your favorite cast iron pot!


  • 2lb Venison shank (seasoned with Italian seasoning salt and pepper)

  • 1/4C vegetable oil

  • 1C red table wine (can sav or red blend)

  • 1qt beef stock 

  • 2C tomato sauce

  • 1C pearl onion

  • 1C carrot, ½” slice

  • 1C celery, ½” slice

  • 1/4C shallot, chopped

  • 1/4C garlic, chopped or whole

  • 1/2bu parsley

  • 3 sprigs each: sage, thyme, rosemary 

  • 2ea bay leaves

    Dredging flour

  • 1/2C APF

  • 1t salt

  • 1t black pepper

  • As needed water or stock.


  1. In Dutch oven on medium heat, add 1/4C veg oil

  2. Mix dredging flour ingredients together and dredge the shank evenly on all sides, shake off extra flour

  3. Brown the shank evenly on all sides, about 4 minutes each side, reserve the shank

  4. Saute veggies and herbs for 3-4 minutes

  5. Deglaze with wine, scraping the fond

  6. Add your tomato sauce and stir

  7. Add your stock

  8. Place your shank in the middle of the pot, liquid should come ½ way up the protein 

  9. Close the lid and simmer 4-6 hours. Check frequently and add liquid when needed. Turn meat every hour. The meat should pull away from the bone.

  10. Enjoy!