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Hello and we welcome you!  For the last year, many of you benefited from using the Bent Herbalist Hemp brand through our old website, but after months of wanting to improve and formulate our own product under the StHealthy Hunter banner, StHealthy Nutrition and StHealthy Nutrition CBD were born.  We are excited to have two new products, a Full Spectrum (FS) Hemp 25 mg capsule, and a Broad Spectrum (BS) CBD Tincture with over 30 mg per serving.  In our continued effort to bring quality products to the hunting and outdoor arena, we know how important it is to be able to trust not only the QUALITY of our products, but who stands behind them.   Trust, experience, and dedication is what you can expect from us and our new line of hemp/CBD products.

Here are just a few reasons you can trust out products:

  • We were the first ones to bring the market to you. We are a hunting family who believes 100% that knowing where your food comes from is vital for sustaining a healthy life.  We consider our CBD products as nutritious and beneficial as food, that which heals and nourishes our daily existence and supports balance in our bodies. Many of the nutrient dense foods like fat, meat, and other plants have cannabinoids, the biochemicals that create balance in our bodies.  Hemp is nutritional support for the brain and body, as nature intended. 
  • As a doctor working each and every day in clinical practice, Dr. Hillary believes in providing the cleanest, safest, and healthiest oil is the ONLY way to go. She also has tremendous experience using it in her life for balance and support, and she recommends it to patients on a daily basis! 
  • Used extensively by Ryan for his long, arduous backcountry hunting and adventure trips, this product has been put to the test and has come out with flying colors! 
  • Our hemp oil comes from USA organic farms in Oregon which are industrial hemp licensed and 2018 Hemp Farm Bill compliant.   
  • Free of GMO’s, pesticides, and herbicides, along with 3rd party testing for potency and purity!  NO mycotoxins, heavy metals, or other contaminants EVER! Find our COA’s on the Products page. 
  • Clean, cold extraction with food grade ethanol and no harmful chemicals or solvents is how we get the best hemp oil on the market!  
  • Manufactured in an FDA and GMP certified facility,  as well as ISO and OTC certifications which adhere to International standards of product manufacturing.  
  • Our FS Hemp is less than .03% THC, keeping it to legal standards.  Our BS tincture is certified THC FREE.

We are excited you are here, and as we look towards the future, our goal is to create true health.    If you have more questions please check out our FAQ page and to shop our other line of StHealthy Nutrition Supplements today!  

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