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Our daughter Pailey loves making “fancy” drinks, and so we do lots of experiments. This last week it was pretty warm for the PNW, so it was perfect for making a spritzer. These drinks are wonderful with a sparkling water and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family!  We also love adding herbs we grow, and even plants like Aloe that we have growing in our kitchen. Aloe is an amazing healing food, so make sure to learn more about it here! 


Your ingredients for this drink could be wide ranging!  Here is what we used:


  • Fresh lime, 1 slice
  • Fresh tangelo, 1 slice
  • Fresh cilantro, 2-3 sprigs
  • Fresh mint, 1 leaf
  • Fresh aloe vera, 1 leaf
  • Cucumber, 1 slice  
  • Sparkling water, regular or naturally flavored
  • Ice

Mix is all together, and garnish with a lime!