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StHealthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Programs

Hormones Through the Lifespan

Women’s Health Webinar.

Women have a unique hormonal system that changes throughout life – from puberty through menopause. Each stage of hormonal flux brings with it great wonderment and challenge.  In this webinar we focus on the main hormones that drive women, and those that work in a coordinated symphony to balance each stage of reproduction through menopause. 

Men’s Health Webinar

Breaking down the aspects of healthy hormones.

Men don’t always tune into their health the way women do, they don’t ask for help as often, and they may not be telling their physicians everything because they don’t easily trust doctors.  Men also like the mechanisms and to understand the why- not just the what. 

Gut Restoration

How to improve your health in just 28 days.

A healthy digestive system is one of the keys to long-term health and vitality. It determines how well you digest, absorb, protect, and eliminate everything you eat and drink. It is what gives us “energy”, allowing our bodies to utilize nutrients to produce ATP. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose and fatty acids are all products that must be utilized by our cells. The first stage of this is making sure our digestive system is working at its best.

The Cognoscopy

Preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s disease is possible.

The Cognoscopy details the historical, lifestyle factors and health markers you need to know to improve brain health and prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia, and cognitive decline.

Homesteading Summit

Changing your health and the land for generations to come.

During the Modern Homesteading Summit, we’ll bring you the time-honored traditional way of raising your own food, creating wholesome foods from scratch, stocking a home larder, and making your own natural products in a modern world.

The Ketogenic Diet, Genetics & Nutrients

The Ketogenic Diet, Genetics & Nutrients program is a reference guide to understanding the process of ketosis and works with your genetics. This guide has been put together to give you the information needed to manage your health and make informed decisions for your body.

The StHealthy Sprouting Chart

Sprouting isn’t just for hippies! The StHealthy Sprouting chart will take you step-by-step through the sprouting process and walk you through the many reasons you should get started. Sprouts are easy to grow, delicious, packed with nutrients and can be eaten raw or cooked. For even more information, don’t miss Hunt Harvest Health Ep. 25 on DIY sprouting.

Big Three Garden Macronutrients

Plants need nutrients just like we do. When starting a garden, you need to know what and how to feed them. Get your guide to the Big Three Macronutrients that plants need to thrive!


Preserve your harvest from the summer and fall.

Whether you are a seasonal expert, or brand new to preservation, this book is great to have on hand when wanting to be more self sufficient. At over 100 pages, it includes the StHealthy Garden Healing Foods Library, a how-to list of dehydration steps, the essentials and equipment needed and over 25 dehydration and canning recipes.