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Scope & Crown Cover

(6 customer reviews)

This design from StHealthy Hunter brings a completely unique rifle cover to market. Tested in the backcountry by Ryan multiple times over, this cover is sure to protect your rifle and scope with durable functionality.

Two-piece includes Scope and Barrel cover. Total weight: 7 oz

Three-piece includes Scope, Barrel, and Buttstock cover. Total weight: 14 oz


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 17 × 3 × 4.5 in

Jet Black, Jet Black Limited Edition Leather Patch, Ranger Green, Ranger Green Limited Edition Leather Patch, Coyote Brown, Coyote Brown Limited Edition Leather Patch, Wolf Grey, Wolf Grey Limited Edition Leather Patch


3-Piece, 2-Piece

6 reviews for Scope & Crown Cover

  1. Randy

    Great rifle cover! Its the perfect balance in being lightweight and still protecting the most important things on a rifle.
    I can think of half a dozen times I wish I had this prior to this season. Dropped rifles happen and can even knock a scope off 0. Thats bad news for any hunt.
    Thanks for a great product Ryan

  2. Ty Peterson

    Got one for Christmas. Works great!!

  3. boyle6280 (verified owner)

    Amazing product. First, I have to say the customer service at STHealthyHunter is amazing. Your team got me my 2-piece scope and barrel cover before I left on my DIY solo Bison hunt in Alaska on February 15th, 2023. I decided to buy it after my first attempt at a Bison during the middle of January. My rifle took a beating, and I ended up screwing the scope up because I dropped the rifle. On this second hunt, which I was able to kill a bison, I had the cover, and it became a vital piece of my kit. The cover protected my rifle from all the weather, alders, mud and snow Alaska could dish out. When it came to the final stalk it worked amazing, I was able to drop my pack about 300 yards from where I need to take a shot. The handle made the rifle super easy to carry and when I had to low crawl to my final position at 262 yards, I could drag the rifle without getting debris in the barrel or screwing up scope. The final thing about your cover its so simple to use. Everything can be done with one hand. Thanks for such a simple durable great product. Keep up the great content and products. I will be recommending this cover to my friends.

  4. Jonathon Mullett (verified owner)

    Love the simplicity and functionality of the 2-piece cover! It protects the important parts and is so simple to use in the field. Thank you!

  5. Ted

    This is a winner. Fits my Vx-6 with a 2.5 inch sun shade perfectly. Love the handle and the rifle tip cover fits over my suppressor perfectly, giving me a way to protect it as well. Worth every penny imo. Fantastic product.

  6. Josh

    Love this cover! A good hunting rifle isn’t cheap now days and I need something durable and lightweight to protect it for all my hunts. So far I have had a change to use this on a spring bear hunt in AZ and it performed amazing. I am sure we all have taken a fall while hiking steep terrain or mistakenly had our rifle fall off a tree/brush branch(unloaded of course) while taking a leak so this cover is a must. If you’re a serious hunter and are looking to protect your rifle I highly recommend getting one.

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