Immune Charge Electrolyte*

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A Great Tasting Immune Electrolyte!

Previously E-Charge Electrolyte

Immune Charge  offers a comprehensive and balanced electrolyte formula designed to enhance optimal hydration and overall health. Packed with potassium, sodium, chloride, and magnesium—core electrolytes vital for the body—it provides a delicious natural lemon-orange flavor without added sugars, sweetened minimally with the natural herb, stevia.

Designed for optimal hydration, Immune Charge  contains potassium, sodium, chloride, and magnesium. These are the most plentiful electrolytes in the body and are lost throughout the day, especially after excessive sweating.  To support exercise recovery and energy production Immune Charge contains D-ribose along with taurine, an important amino acid that regulates cellular electrolyte flow.  Vitamin C, quercetin, and citrus bioflavonoids support the vascular system by helping build collagen, one of the main structural components of blood vessels.

The role of electrolytes in heart health The electrical system of the heart is regulated partially by potassium, thus keeping a healthy heartbeat. When paired with sodium, this critical electrolyte helps to maintain electrical balance within the heart.  Potassium must not dip too low, or rise too high, thus controlled by this healthy balance with sodium.  Magnesium is also one of the most abundant minerals in the body and is part of the potassium electrolyte regulation essential for healthy blood pressure. Vitamin C supports the cardiovascular system by helping to build healthy collagen, which is one of the main structural components of blood vessels. Quercetin, rutin, and other bioflavonoids along with Vitamin C offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and vasoprotective benefits, especially for small capillaries.  Leaky capillaries that are weak might result in aches, pains, and weakness in the extremities, nighttime leg cramps, and easy bruising/bleeding from even very minor trauma.

Stress, illness, and replacing electrolytes Chronic stress can lead to low levels of electrolytes, especially magnesium and potassium. In today’s high-stress society, adrenal burnout and other hormonal disturbances are commonplace. Weak adrenals, for example, make the body unable to hold onto potassium.  During times of stress, the body’s need for vitamin C may be increased, as vitamin C is crucial for healthy adrenal function.

Immune Charge  can be used to improve symptoms of dehydration after excessive diarrhea or vomiting or after excessive sweating.  Symptoms of low electrolytes may include fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, cramping or twitching, tachycardia, arrhythmia, heavy legs, irritability, and/or noise sensitivity.  

Immune Charge is safe for children during any illness involving diarrhea or vomiting and prevents dehydration.*

Why we use Stevia and not Sucralose Artificial sweeteners such as sucralose have been traditionally used as a cheap and easy way to sweeten consumable products. It’s added to many products to make them super sweet without the side effect of sugar.  Research now is showing that these super sweet artificial sweeteners are increasing insulin resistance and inflammation in the liver.

Immune Charge is a clean electrolyte mix that contains NO artificial sweeteners or colors, cane sugar, or GMOs. It has a nice tasting lemon-orange flavor with sweetness from a small amount of natural,  organic stevia. Stevia does not raise blood sugars.  If you haven’t liked stevia in the past because of the bitter aftertaste, we promise you won’t find that in Immune Charge



  • Promoting the well-being of the cardiovascular system
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure and fostering a healthy balance of tissue fluid
  • Assisting with occasional symptoms of dehydration following excessive diarrhea, vomiting, or sweating
  • Aiding athletes in replenishing lost electrolytes during intense exercise
  • Providing support for individuals facing occasional stress 


Ingredient Highlights

 Cardiovascular Health:

Potassium plays a crucial role in regulating heartbeat and muscle function, particularly muscle contraction. Imbalances, either too high (hyperkalemia) or too low (hypokalemia), can lead to potentially life-threatening cardiac abnormalities. Assessing true mineral concentration is challenging as blood levels may remain normal at the expense of levels elsewhere. Maintaining the proper balance of minerals, especially potassium, is essential to prevent dangerous heart arrhythmias and ensure normal fluid levels and blood pressure.


This formula includes vitamin C, quercetin, and bioflavonoids from citrus fruit. Vitamin C supports the cardiovascular system by contributing to healthy collagen formation, a key structural component of blood vessels. Additionally, vitamin C and these synergistic compounds offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and vasoprotective benefits, aiding in maintaining capillary integrity. Abnormal capillary leakiness may lead to symptoms such as aches, pains, weakness in the extremities, nighttime leg cramps, and easy bruising/bleeding from minor trauma.

Adrenal Stress:

In today’s high-stress environment, adrenal burnout and hormonal imbalances are common. Weak adrenals, unable to retain potassium, contribute to this. The adrenal glands produce corticosteroids, including mineralocorticoids regulating blood mineral content. During stress, the body’s vitamin C needs increase for healthy adrenal function.

Hyponatremia, the most common electrolyte imbalance with low sodium levels, is closely linked to parathyroid disorders affecting calcium control. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) counters calcitonin, releasing calcium from bone tissue when blood levels drop. Sodium imbalance in hyponatremia may result from abnormal antidiuretic hormone, aldosterone, or kidney function, which strives to maintain constant electrolyte levels despite body changes.


Diabetes, a prominent metabolic disease, often triggers the need for electrolyte balance. Common symptoms include excessive thirst and frequent urination, indicating an electrolyte imbalance, particularly involving sodium. Adequate fluids and insulin help maintain balance. Diabetic ketoacidosis, a complication, requires treatment with intravenous fluids, insulin, and electrolytes like potassium, sodium, phosphates, and bicarbonates. Electrolyte imbalances, especially with potassium and sodium, are common in diabetes and metabolic conditions. Products like Electrolyte Synergy™ can aid in restoring balance when the body struggles to do so.*




Heart Health

Stress Relief

Immune Health 








Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, mix 8 grams (one scoop) in 10-12 ounces of water per day, or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Mix into any beverage, sports bottle, or mix with water and place in ice racks to make into popsicles.


What to Avoid

Consult with your health-care practitioner about your specific circumstances and any questions you may have about this product.Those with sodium-sensitive hypertension should not take Immune Charge, those with a pacemaker, and those with high blood sodium or potassium levels. 

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