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Initial Ascent

Initial Ascent's products are 100% made in the United States. They are proud, American backcountry hunters who live, work, and play in the adventurous state of Idaho.


Born in the backcountry, Tricer products were invented out of necessity. They are avid backcountry hunters and are always looking for a way to save an ounce and get an edge in the field.
wild bison ranch

Wild Bison Ranch

Family-operated bison ranch, known for our grass-fed, grass-finished meat. Come by and pick up some of Montana's best steaks and burgers. If you can't make it, its ok, we can package and ship it to you!

Western Hunting Summit

Check out Western Hunting Summit to learn from the most skilled and successful western hunting authorities around. You will develop the confidence and skills you need year after year.

Treeline Pursuits

Take your hunting skills to the next level by working with Treeline Pursuit experts! Be sure to save $20 by using the code STHEALTHY at your next checkout.
The DNA Company

The DNA Company

The DNA Company offers personalized genetic testing to help you optimize your health and wellness. Discover your unique genetic blueprint and take control of your well-being today! Use code STHEALTHY for 10% off their DNA 360 Report!

Stone Glacier

Lighten your hunting load with Stone Glacier's most compact, durable gear. You will find your essential hunting gear, backpacks, tents, and so much more.

StHealthy Nutrition

Get educated on ways to improve your healthy lifestyle with StHealthy Nutrition Programs and Supplements. Get started now by signing up for our newsletter and save on your first order.

Spartan Precision

Check out these revolutionary shooting platform bipods and tripods from Spartan Precision Equipment. Make sure to get free shipping with your next order by using code GRITTY.


Unlock your potential and become a more accurate shooter with ShotIQ. Say goodbye to wondering why you can't seem to be consistently accurate, and start hitting your targets with confidence.

Sheep Feet

Become more comfortable and sure-footed in the field with this layered technology. Get custom-fit orthotics for your hunting boots and save by using code STHEALTHY10 at checkout.

Peax Equipment

Peax Equipment makes sore to keep you and your adventures in mind with comfort, durability, and protection. Enjoy 10% off all orders by using code STHEALTHY.

Peak Refuel

Fuel your body with quick and easy meals, drinks, and snacks. These lightweight packs are filled with premium ingredients and loaded with protein to sustain a long day on the go.

Meat! Your Maker

The Ultimate in Food Processing. Sleek and functional dehydrators, grinders, vacuum sealers, slicers, and more - everything you need to start your backcountry meals!

Heat Praxia

This state-of-the-art sauna studio brings ancient healing practices to the modern era. Make sure to book your apt with code STHEALTHYHUNTER to get a discount.


Kono Performance Nutrition aims to change the supplement industry by putting your health first and creating healthy performance products without compromise. Use code STHEALTHY for 10% off!

Heather’s Choice

Looking for some meals to make the backcountry even better! Make sure and get your 15% off all Heather’s Choice Meals by using our code STHEALTHY!

Harvest Right | Freeze Dryers

Freeze-drying preserves and maintains nearly all of the nutritional value of fresh foods, and the possibilities are endless! Preserve your produce, meat, snacks and even leftovers with the press of a button!

Go Hunt!

Go Hunt covers you from beginning to end with research tools and mapping platforms to the latest news and field-tested gear. Make sure to use code STHEALTHY at checkout for a discount.

Excalibur Dehydrators

The Ultimate Food Preservation System. Make your own backcountry food with ease and dehydrate everything like a pro with these amazing Excalibur Dehydrators.

Day Six Gear

Quality over quantity is what you get with Day Six Specialized Gear. These micro-diameter carbon fiber arrows have been tried and tested for ultimate accuracy.


Get your hands on a pair of the best hunting boots on the market. Crispi boot prides themselves on being rooted in the outdoor sport and hunting industry while focusing on quality, care, and precision.