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A StHealthy Hunter Film.


Hunt Harvest Health Podcast

Podcast Guest Appearances

Get more of StHealthy as Ryan and Doc Hillary join other podcasts to share their insight and experiences in the world of hunting, natural medicine, gardening, food and more.

Essentials With Ryan

Ryan Lampers breaks down all the essential gear you need during early and late-season hunts. As well as making sure you are equipped for the unpredictable hunting weather with all the necessary emergency truck essentials.

Ryan’s Gear Videos YouTube

Get all the details on what you need for your next backcountry excursion!

Films & Videos

Follow along with Ryan Lampers and Brian Call as they adventure and hunt throughout North America. Get inspiration for your own hunts along with the best tips and tactics these two can offer.

StHealthy Hunts YouTube 

Backcountry stories, special content & multi-video series.

Gritty Adventure Films YouTube

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.