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Vortex Nation Podcast: Ep #150

Bang!!! Flop!….Now what??? Mark and Jimmy sit down with Ryan Lampers (Hunt Harvest Health) to chat through meat care techniques and tricks after the shot – to ensure big game you take makes it to your table as the absolute best product possible. We cover warm-weather hunts, keeping meet cool, gutting Vs. the gutless method, how to take the heart liver and rib meat if you do the gutless method, shot placement, blood-shod meat, contaminants and how to deal with them, intentional all-night pack-outs, loading your pack with meat/gear, meat shelves Vs. putting it in your pack, ageing meat, quarters Vs. boning, keeping your pack clean, kill kit items  and more. Life-long hunter, or just getting started, this is a good one to pick up some great tips on getting any four-legged critter out of the field for optimum yield!