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Dill – The Gas Reliever

By May 17, 2017April 27th, 2022No Comments1 min read


One of my favorite foods growing up was dill pickles, and to this day, pretty much anything with dill will be gone lick-ity-split in our house.  Fresh dill is the best, but after a good season, harvesting dry seeds for pickling and canning is a great way to add digestive support to any food.  

A few healing qualities of dill:

  • Dill is the ultimate digestive aid, and has been used traditionally to dispel abdominal gas.  
  • It can be used along with fennel for colicky children, and when cooked in a meal adds a distinct taste of summer!  

Harvest fresh dill leaves anytime and add to salads, soups, pickling, or even eat by itself! 

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