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Beets are one of the largest crops grown in the StHealthy Garden.  Beets are earthy, neutral in nature, and have a sweet flavor, especially when cooked. They are wonderful in salads, soups, and make beautiful dips.  

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The healing qualities of beets are best known for liver cleansing.  Just a few of the medicinal benefits of beets are:

  • Cleanses the liver, blood, and promotes functions such as intestinal movement- aiding with constipation.  
  • It is great for the cardiovascular system and improves circulation, builds the blood, and strengthens the heart.  
  • Been shown to help with anemia, and stimulate the appetite.  
  • Beet greens can be 

When growing and harvesting beets:

  • Red beets are the most common garden beet, with sugar beets being grown for sugar production, and white beets being used for cattle feed. There are many different varieties of red beets. 
  • Beet seeds can be sown in the spring in a hothouse.  Starts can be planted late spring to early summer in full sun.  
  • Beets require ample water supply and well fertilized soil. 
  • When harvesting in mid to late summer, fall, wash well and cut off beet greens.  
  • Beet greens can be washed and used in salads, sautees, and cooked alongside the beet roots for flavorful dishes. 
  • We prefer roasted beets, beet spreads, and pickled beets (Find this recipe in our The StHealthy Dehydration and Canning Guide with Healing Food Library) 

Other Recipes: 

Crunchy Almond, Onion, and Pickled Beet Salad

Sweet Beet Butter