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#120: The Meat Industry, PRIME Act, and More Musings from Matt Skoglund

By June 4, 2020No Comments2 min read

Matt Skoglund is one of our favorite guests! Owner of North Bridger Bison and a past career in law and environmental issues, he is the perfect guy to talk to about the current food shortages, the industrialized meat industry, and why supporting your local rancher means everything right now. Matt also shares about his current mission to save bees and monarch butterflies by bringing back the animals that support the ecosystem. This is an awesome conversation and one we all must heed in times of change, because your food matters to all aspects of your health and community!

Find Matt on IG @northbridgerbison and secure some of the best bison in the West on his website! you can also watch the full video on our IG live feed!


White Oak Pastures


Buffalo for the Broken Heart

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